Our water proofing products are top of the line.

All our products are from Mar-Flex, the industry leader. Mar-Flex 5000 is a poly membrane that is applied to the outside of the foundation with a dry thickness of 40mils. This product remains flexible which allows for ground pressure and shrinkage cracking keeping your basement dry. It is a spray on product applied at 3000 psi and 150 degrees, this helps to fill in any voids and bonding.

We also use Mar-Flex line of drain boards. These products give up to a 60 year Warranty and up to a r-value of 13.5. Also giving the comfort of being able to use a basement as living space.

Another option to consider is Mar-Flex line of egress and traditional window wells. A great looking product, which gives more flexibility to a home. These work well when you can’t get that walkout basement, but still want the protection of egress for family and friends. Giving usable living space and comfort knowing there is a way out in case of an emergency.

To read more on Mar-Flex and their products, visit them and the web at www.Mar-Flex.com.